The University’s partnership with Yale New Haven Health enhances the services of the Student Health Center

This summer, Northeast Medical Group, part of the Yale New Haven Health System, began operating the University’s Nicholson Student Health Center, further ensuring convenient, improved and quality health care for students.

September 22, 2022

By Renee Chmiel, Office of Marketing and Communications

The Alexander W. Nicholson Jr. Health Center at Sheffield Hall.

Diane Polo ’21 MPH is committed to ensuring students receive the best care at the University’s Nicholson Student Health Center. The health center is now managed by Northeast Medical Group (NEMG), part of the Yale New Haven Health System (YNHHS), one of the nation’s leading health systems.

Polo has served as a liaison between the University and YNHHS to ensure a comprehensive understanding of student needs and a smooth collaboration.

Polo says that since this partnership went into effect on August 1st, they have made sure that students have received the same high level of care that they received before. There are now some new benefits and improvements that students can enjoy. Students have access to MyChart, a secure online service that allows patients to access parts of their electronic medical records, such as key test results, appointments and a summary of their medical history.

“This will allow students to be more involved in their care, which I think is very important,” said Polo, associate director for health, wellness education and prevention. “This really promotes student individuality and responsibility, allowing them to grow as adults now that they’re on campus and taking care of their own health.”

“Owning their health and wellness”

MyChart enables students to contact their providers at the University’s student health center, who are employees of Yale New Haven Health and are considered part of the YNHHS provider network, and view their health records. Polo says students love using MyChart because it allows them to easily and conveniently make appointments and communicate with their providers online without making a phone call.

Using MyChart also means an easy transfer of care for students if they need to see a provider elsewhere affiliated with YNHHS, as that provider will be able to access the student’s records. Most of the commonly used local hospitals also use the system.

“Our partnership with Northeast Medical Group will advance student health, wellness and access and strengthen student attitudes to maintain healthy behaviors,” said Ophelie Rowe-Allen, Ed.D., dean of students and chief student affairs. “Students will be more responsible and take more ownership of their health and wellness. For example, the MyChart app will allow students to access their health information in a timely and efficient manner.”

Ophelie Rowe-Allen, Ed.D.
Ophelie Rowe-Allen, Ed.D.
“Transform the health and well-being of students”

Dr. Rowe-Allen envisions the student health center working even more closely with the university community to incorporate important health-related topics as part of the University’s wellness initiatives, enhancing health education. He also believes it could enhance health disaster preparedness support for the University, as well as lead to better student health outcomes and even greater educational outcomes.

Affiliated with five leading regional hospitals, NEMG includes more than 130 community practices in Connecticut, Rhode Island and Westchester County, New York. NEMG’s operation of the University health center does not affect students’ insurance and they must have a copy of their insurance card with them when making an appointment.

The University’s connection with the agency means greater access to tests and vaccines. It will also expand the clinic’s access to resources necessary for preventive care.

“This relationship will help continue to advance innovative care and provide more effective services for our students,” said Dr. Rowe-Allen. “The goal of our partnership is to transform the health and well-being of students on campus.”

“That extra level of comfort”

The University’s student health center offers a variety of services, including treatment of illness or injury, primary care needs, and reproductive health. The partnership between the University and YNHHS expands on their existing relationship, as NEMG has provided testing and vaccinations for COVID-19 on campus for the past year.

“Having a relationship with such a large, well-known and respected organization like Yale New Haven Health is wonderful and makes the University very attractive,” Polo said. “It gives parents that extra level of comfort. When they come to the University, they know that their students will be looked after and that we have providers who are part of a system that is renowned and has high standards. If I were a parent, it would be very appealing to me.”

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