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Leveraging artwork and content from both companies to create digital arts with location-based entertainment and promote Asian artists to the world

SINGAPORE – Media contact – August 8, 2022 – Art Tokyo Global Pte Ltd (ATG) and Shanghai Film Co., Ltd (SFC) jointly announced a strategic partnership to develop a variety of businesses including digital collectibles centered on the world’s first NFT art film, the ” SHIP” using Web 3.0 Technology, Metaverse and other advanced technologies. The partnership will create a strong network to promote art by Asian artists to the world and some of the areas of collaboration include;

1. Production and publication of digital art using Web3.0 technology
(one) Asian artwork digital artwork production.
(si) Digital art sales by Asian artists. and
(do) Production and sales of collective works of art by Asian artists.

2. Produce, promote and brand the world’s first NFT art film, “SHIP”
(one) Event schedule for NFT Art Film branding “SHIP”? and
(si) Collaborate on various areas focusing on the next sequel to “SHIP”.

3. Design, implementation and operation of location-based art and entertainment exhibitions derived from the NFT art film “SHIP”.
(one) Organizing and running art exhibitions and sales events for NFT Art Film brand “SHIP”. and
(si) Joint production and implementation of the “Around by SHIP” Location-based Entertainment project, a spin-off project from the above exhibition and sales events.

Mr. Naohiko Kishi, President and Executive Producer of ATG, said: “This important strategic partnership is a strong support of our innovations in Art and Cinema, combined with the Latest Technologies to set new standards for art creation and unique experiences for art lovers”.

Mr. Steven Zhang, CEO of ATG, said: “Our partnership with SFC will bring together Asian artists and allow us to offer more content in our exhibitions and offer new experiences using Location-Based Entertainment. This strategy partnership will provide a global platform for Asian artists to showcase their work and create more exciting content in the newly created World of Metaverse.”
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About Art Tokyo Global

Art Tokyo Global (ATG) is an Art Exhibition, Film Production and Digital Art Company based in Singapore with wholly-owned subsidiaries in Tokyo, Japan and Shanghai, China.

ATG organizes Asia’s largest art fairs, including Art Fair Tokyo, Art Stage Osaka, ArtKYOTO and Daimaru Matsuya National Art Exhibition Tour. Also engaged in Filmmaking, Production and Distribution of NFT Art Films. In July 2022, ATG completed production of the world’s first 70-minute NFT art film – ‘SHIP’, which will have a global release within the year. Additionally, ATG has developed the Future Art Tokyo (FAT) collection platform that offers a digital art production and NFT marketplace for emerging artists in Asia. By 2023, the Company expects to have 2,000+ talented Asian artists in the FAT collection and expand its platform to other emerging artists from Singapore and ASEAN countries.

Leveraging its vast experience in the art space, ATG has integrated art, film and technologies to break new ground and offer new and unique experiences for art lovers. The goal is to create the largest global platform for Asian artists and art lovers.

For more information, visit arttokyoglobal.

About Shanghai Film Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Film Group Co. Ltd consists of Shanghai Film Studio, Shanghai Animation Film Studio, Shanghai Dubbing Studio, Shanghai Documentary Film Studio, Shanghai Film Technology Plant, Shanghai United Cinemas, East Film Distribution Company, Shanghai East Movie Channel, Shanghai Film Park, Shanghai Art Designing Corp. , and Crowne Plaza Hotel Shanghai, etc. It is one of the largest film groups in China.

Since the organizational reform of 2003, SFG adheres to the policy of “open door” and “cooperation”. In addition to producing a wide variety of films, its main business includes the development, production, promotion, sales, distribution and exhibition of films (and television drama). SFG has built a complete business chain connecting film and TV drama production, distribution and exhibition, technical services, media, film studios, film education, etc. With leading production capacity, market share and international recognition in China, SFG actively contributes to development the Chinese film industry. For more information, visit Social media icon

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