Master Gardener: The next trends in the garden

Garden trends change. Outdoor spaces are utilized and accelerated as we spend more time outside for work and leisure. That means we want to know what’s trendy with style inspiration for outdoor living. Functionality is the key to the garden/yard/balcony/terrace which is now the multi-purpose space. Work From Homes (WFH) is here to stay.

Natural materials are in style and important with the indoor/outdoor feel. Ceramics, colored glass, practical plastics, textiles, shelf and granite to name a few will be in high demand for natural, handmade and practical items.

Sustainability is important especially in the first year of a new garden design. We recognize the need for irrigation to get our new plants established so they can fend for themselves except in drought years. Choose the right plant for the right place. Our gardens are a place of peace and tranquility, a refuge in a bubble of well-being to escape the hectic days and stressful moments.

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