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  • “Tudum: A Global Fan Event” is like an online convention for all things Netflix.
  • The live stream will include trailers, news and panels for the service’s latest series and movies.
  • You can watch all the news from the Tudum event live via the Netflix YouTube channel on September 24.

If you’re looking for the latest on all things Netflix, Tudum is a can’t-miss live streaming event.

The global online festival kicks off on September 24, when fans will be able to watch thousands of Netflix announcements and new trailers. You can catch all the action on Netflix’s YouTube channel starting at 1 p.m. ET in the US.

To help you prepare for Tudum, we’ve broken down everything you need to know about streaming the event online, including details on start times and what new shows and movies you can expect to see highlighted.

How to watch Netflix Tudum 2022

You can watch the Netflix Tudum 2022 live streaming event on the Netflix YouTube channel. The event is divided into five parts that will each focus on the respective content releases of different countries. The main event for US fans begins at 1 p.m. ET on September 24.

Here’s when you can watch each of the Tudum streams by country:

  • Tudum: Korea — 11 a.m. KST on September 24
  • Tudum: India — 11 A.M. IST on September 24
  • Tudum: A Global Fan Event Part First — 1:00 PM ET on September 24
  • Tudum: A Global Fan Event Part Two — 2:30 p.m. ET on September 24
  • Tudum: Japan — 13:00 JST on September 25

If you miss the event premiere, you can watch the full taping anytime after the live stream on Netflix’s YouTube channel. Follow the Tudum countdown and see the schedule of events on the official Tudum website.

What is Netflix’s Tudum event?

Tudum is an annual Netflix event that is a lot like Comic-Con for Netflix fans. The online live stream features announcements, panels and trailers focused on new shows and movies coming to the streaming service.

Big names like Kevin Hart, Chris Hemsworth, Michelle Yeoh and Lily Collins will appear during the 2022 event to discuss their upcoming releases. For avid Netflix viewers, the event is a must-see.

What shows will Tudum 2022 include?

Many shows will be discussed and viewed as Tudum 2022 unfolds. Some big headlines that have been confirmed include;

  • “Alice in the Borderland”
  • “Berlin”
  • “Bridgerton”
  • “Elite”
  • “Emily in Paris”
  • “Heart Stopper”
  • “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Stone Ocean”
  • “Wild”
  • “Manifest”
  • “Foreign Banks”
  • “Shadow and Bone”
  • “Squid Game”
  • “Weird things”
  • “The Crown”
  • “The Witcher”

For a complete series list, check out Tudum’s official website.

Which films will Tudum 2022 show?

Tudum 2022 is an opportunity for filmmakers to talk about popular and upcoming titles with fans. Some films shown include:

  • “Beyond the Universe”
  • “Enola Holmes 2”
  • “Export 2”
  • “Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery”
  • “Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio”
  • “Heart of Stone”
  • “Monica, my dear”
  • “Slumberland”
  • “The school for good and evil”
  • “They Cloned Tyrone”
  • “Your place or mine”

To see Tudum’s full schedule and a more detailed list of featured films, check out Tudum’s official website.

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